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There are two kinds of College accommodation available: tenancies (a continuous 40 week lease) and non-tenancies (a 27 week lease, corresponding to weeks 0-8 of each term). Rooms are banded according to their quality (all room-bands have been reviewed by the JCR for 2020/21). Room rents are decided by College each year, and normally rise in line with an Oxford-based measure of inflation. Room rents will be published by the JCR as soon as they are available. For 2020/21, the rates are in the table to the right.

A fixed facilities charge is added onto the price of each room. This covers background heating, water usage, and electricity. Yet should you use and of these too excessively, you will be charged extra. The charge is £40 for non-tenancies, and £70 for tenancies.

Rents increases are calculated using the Van Norden Index (VNI), which is an Oxford based index of inflation. This is agreed upon with other colleges.

The JCR Domestic Rep for 2020 is Christopher Summers. (


If you live in a non-tenancy your lease runs from Sunday of 0th week to Saturday of 8th week each term. Normally you are required to empty your room completely for the vacation, since most rooms will be used for interviews and/or conferences. There is some storage available for overseas students, which is arranged by the Accommodation Manager ( Tenancies do not need to be vacated within their lease.

There are three ways in which your accommodation can be extended:

  • Exam residence, when your exams take place outside full term (eg. most Prelims): you do not have to pay for this, but you may need to apply for it here (check with your tutor if you are unsure);
  • Academic residence, when you wish to stay in Oxford for academic purposes: this can be granted by your tutor (fill in the form here), and is charged at the daily rate minus £10 (making it very reasonable);
  • Non-academic residence, when you wish to stay in Oxford for other reasons: this is charged at the daily rate, and you should fill in the form here.

Note that you are not automatically entitled to extra residence (except in the case of exams). College is often unable to grant extra residence at the end of Michaelmas owing to the accommodation demands of the interviews process. If you are working for College (for example, for interviews or open days) your accommodation is normally free and arranged for you.


Your room will be cleaned by your scout once a week. Scouts normally empty bins, clean sinks, polish surfaces and hoover, though they won’t if your room is inaccessible.

Problems such as broken furniture or leaking sinks should be reported to the College workshop ( Bear in mind that blu-tack is forbidden, but the workshop are happy to put up picture hooks instead.

There are no student kitchens on the College site, but there are microwaves on most staircases. There are kitchens on every staircase in Frewin, and most have cupboards for each room. Scouts will wipe surfaces, but will not do your washing up. College will lock individual kitchens if dirty pans and dishes are allowed to pile up in sinks.

There are laundry rooms in College (XIII) and Frewin (IV and XIX). Washing machines cost £2.00 per cycle and dryers cost 20p per 10 minutes. Machines are coin operated. Please do not use colour catchers. Malfunctioning machines should be reported to the Accommodation Manager ( The main cause of problems is coins and other objects left in clothes, and College may hold you responsible if evidence of this is found.


Room ballots for tenancy and non-tenancy rooms for the next academic year are held in Michaelmas, followed by room signing in Hilary. Overall responsibility for the procedure lies with the JCR President, with assistance from the Domestic Rep. The method of balloting is set out in the JCR constitution, which can be found here. Email the JCR President if you are unsure what to do.